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Solid Colour Magick Candles


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Colour Magick

Colour serves an exceptionally important role in our Ritual, Spell Craft and Ceremonial activities and especially so in Candle Magick

Candles work best when anointed with a corresponding herb infused Oil. Not only does it aid and lend power to your candle magick craft, ceremonial, and ritual endeavours but also forms an important ritualistic function and transference of energies.


Grounding, Wisdom, Learning, Protection, Safety, Reversing, Un-crossing, Un-hexing, Repelling Black Magick, Banishing Negativity, Releasing, Shapeshifting, Defence, Scrying, Pride.

Sabbat: Samhain


Communication, Will Power, Focus, Forgiveness, Good Fortune, Weight Loss, Truth, Fidelity, Patience, Domestic Harmony, Organisation, Removing Bad Vibrations, Sincerity, Astral Projection, Water Element.

Sabbat: Litha


House Blessing, Animal/Pet Magick, Earth Magick, Concentration, Material Goods, Stability, Locating lost objects, Earth Element, Real Estate, Construction, Food, Financial crisis

Sabbat - Lammas


Prosperity, Abundance, Money, Physical & Emotional Healing, Growth, Luck, Marriage, Tree/Plant Magick, Acceptance, Weather, Counteract Envy/Greed/Jealousy

Sabbat – Yule , Ostara , Beltane , Litha


Loneliness, Glamour, Contemplation, Removing Negative Influence


Creativity, Self-Expression, Intellectual Matters, Overcoming Addiction, Legal Matters/Justice, Joy, Business Success, Ambition, Vitality, Fun, Action, Opportunity, Celebration, Investments

Sabbat – Samhain , Litha , Lammas , Mabon


Love, Compassion, Nurturing, Femininity, Friendship, Romance, Partnership, Spiritual & Emotional healing, Protection of Children, Domestic Harmony, Self-improvement, Maturity

Sabbat – Imbolc , Ostara


Wisdom, Influence, Spiritual Power, Contact with Spirits, Drive Away Evil, Change Luck, Independence, Government, Break Habits

Sabbat – Samhain , Beltane , Lammas


Passion, Vitality, Strength, Survival, Fertility, Courage, Sexual Potency, Mercy, Action, Danger, War, Fire Element, Conflict, Sports, Independence, Assertiveness, Competition

Sabbat – Yule , Imbolc, Beltane , Litha , Mabon


All purpose, Unity, Purity, Cleansing, Peace, Balance, Spirituality, Healing, Innocence, Rain, Magick involving young Children, Truth, Consecration, Balancing the Aura

Sabbat – Yule , Imbolc , Ostara


Pleasure, Success, Happiness, Learning, Memory, Concentration, Persuasion, Inspiration, Imagination, Solar Magick, Charm, Confidence, Air element, Travel, Flexibility

Sabbat – Imbolc , Ostara , Beltane , Litha ,

Lammas , Mabon

10cm Solid Colour Candle Packs

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18cm Solid Colour Candles -

twin packs

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