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Tabitha's Grimoire

Shell Correspondences


The Sea is one of the strongest, most powerful sources on earth and there is a lot to be said for the energy harnessed within anything that is born of it. Our oceans are controlled by our glorious moon, causing the ebb and flow that we see in tidal movement each day. The bringing, and the taking.

 The associated deities of our Moon and Oceans such as Phoebe, Artemis, Hecate, Selene, Neptune, Poseidon, Oceanus, Eurybia, the Oceanides and Ceto to name a few – are ‘all powerful’ God’s and Goddesses who we often look to in spell craft and ritual to aid and lend power to our craft. Those, who many of us journey with along our Magickal paths. It is fair to say then, that we should be utilising and harnessing the tremendous energies manifested in these glorious sea gifts in our spell craft activities, particularly Talisman crafting, just as much as we would use various other tools, precious stones, metals and botanical's to lend power and aid intention in our endeavours. There are endless books and journals that go into great detail about the magickal qualities of shells and I would highly recommend you read further, but for now, here is a little list of some of the many shells and their attributes in spell craft to get you going.

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Abalone Love, Gentleness, Caring, Compassion and Peace. Earth and Water Spells

Auger Fertility, courage, power and to aid the healing male ailments.

Clam Goddess related spells and rituals, spells involving love and purification

Cockle Love, friendships, relationships and emotions

Conch Strength, fortitude, freedom, power and strength

Cones Taking charge of a situation, regaining control

Cowry Fertility, pregnancy, birth, menstrual problems, difficult menopause 

Moonsnails Psychic awareness, purification, and peace.

Murex Protection, defence and preservation

Nautilus Use for spells involving the strengthening of the mind, growth and evolution

Oyster To bring good fortune, can also aid banishment

Scallops A great all rounder, can be used for many magickal purposes and intentions

Sundials Success, Victory, Hope and Encouragement

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