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Spellcraft Incense Powders - 

Gift Box of x4 10g Bottles

Our blended Spellcraft Powders will add a little oooph to your intent when spellcrafting.

Each box consists of x4 10g bottles of self lighting incense powders which have been crafted using a variety of botanical's and oils,then powdered for ease of use.

To use the powders, place a small amount on a pre lit charcoal disc either on their own or in combination with your own spellcraft blends, and as the powder catches and the smoke rises, affirm your intention clearly. Waft the smoke out into the universe along with your clear intention. Add more if desired.

Use Dragons Blood Powder to add extra energy to your intention

Use Hot Foot Powder for Removal and banishing spells

Use Lodestone Powder for attracting that in which you desire

Use High John the Conqueror Powder in protection spells or to protect you during spell casting

Each bottle is approximately 7cm in height and contains 10g of powder

Spellcraft Incense Powders - Gift Box of x4 10g Bottles
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