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Merry Meet!

 I find that a good place to start is always with a little background, I feel that the more you learn about a person, you understand their intentions fully and in particular,in our world, if their intentions are true. I would like for you all to know that I am not just an ‘Average Joe’ shop keeper, trying to relieve you of your hard earned pennies without a single clue or knowledge of our craft and of course, the traditions and wisdom of the old ways!

So, I’ll begin. My name is Rebecca, and I am a hereditary Witch of Romany heritage. Although not raised amongst my Gypsy Kin, (Long story!!!) I have been raised aware of my heritage, learning of it and as I was growing, it was quite apparent that I had inherited certain gifts passed through our bloodline. 

From a very young age, I connected with nature, and was somewhat more aware of it’s subtle vibrational energies than that of my peers, aware that actually, the wind, the rain and the storms were not just changes in weather, but cues and energies to guide, to warn, to acknowledge and connect to, and that there must have been some kind of divine power attached. I would find myself feeling a strong urge to actually stand amongst the storms with arms raised high, taking in its beautiful and powerful energy. 

Quite often, as a youngster, friends and I would venture to the local woodland, and whilst most hung around chatting and mischief making, I would be off with my feet in a stream or other natural water source, or collecting unusual rocks, stones, branches and whatever else I felt a connection to. I remember feeling particularly comforted feeling the grass between my toes, and the warmth up from the earth, through my feet, all through my body to the top of my head - I was connecting - unaware mind, but instinctively connecting with mother. It brought me such comfort

As I grew more aware, I found that I was receiving warnings and messages through dreams - each significant event in my life has been presented to me through my dreams prior to its occurance, sadly, each event, as shown to me in my dream, has not been particularly pleasant - they are often death related but I have no control over that - I have learnt to take heed of the warnings and use them to advise where I can. My prophetic dreaming and strong instincts are my inheritance and I continue to work with them.

I am a solitary white Witch and live my everyday life honouring the Gods, the Goddesses and this beautiful earth in which we reside during this time and space. I look to the Gods and Goddesses to guide me, to help me to help others, and to live life in keeping with the traditions of the old ways. I look to, and tune into the amazing energy of nature for subtle cues, warnings and messages and can often be found bare foot and drumming up some incredible energy amongst it -much to the bewilderment of my neighbours! I have a particular penchant for botanical's and their use in spellcraft and healing, and with Brigid as my guide, I am learning more and more and am literally submerging myself into increasing my knowledge - those who study Botanical's know that this is a life long learning process, always more and more to explore!! but it is the path that I am on and along the way, I use whatever I have learnt to aid and assist

I am married and we have a beautiful, precious little 'old soul' Witchling named George who is four years old. We are a bit of a mixed bag here in our little house near the sea..My husband is of Greek Cypriot Heritage - and is adamant that he is a direct descendant of Spartacus! This bode's my Son well as his heritage is one of Strength, Courage and Magick - being both Romany and Spartan!! I have been practicing for many, many years, and as I approach my 40th orbit around the Sun, I have had an overwhelming desire to bring fourth that in which I have learnt, and to share it amongst my kin, and an overwhelming urge to bring to our community, a range of both handmade and sourced essentials for our craft.

Tabitha's was born out of a frustration that Witch Crafting Practitioner focused shops are very few and far between - shops focusing purely on those essential items that are not often readily available to us. We find ourselves running from one establishment to another, from one website to another, in order to find that in which we seek. We trawl through pages and shelves full of pretty ornaments and paraphernalia, and although very pleasing to the eye and worthy of a wonderful Yule gift, they are not especially useful or practical for our everyday crafting needs. We do not need much as Witches to practice our craft, but there is no denying that there are certain things that we require that we may not be able to craft, or grow, with our own hands and within the boundaries of our homestead.

My intention is to bring to you a wide range of practical items in order to aid and lend power to your spell craft, to your ritual work and for everyday living as the Witch that you are.

I thank you for finding Tabitha's and I hope that you are able to find everything that you are looking for. Please know that if you do not find that in which you seek, please do get in touch and I will do everything I can to either source it, or craft it for you

With blessings in abundance, to you and your kin


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